Admission Process

The application process is divided into two major steps for prospective students: 1) preparing and submitting the application materials before the deadline, and 2) passing an initial application screening in order to interview with a member of the Executive MBA Admissions Committee.

The admission process is conducted on a rolling basis. The sooner an application is completed and submitted, the sooner it will be reviewed and given a decision by the Admissions Committee.

Therefore, early submission of applications is strongly encouraged.  Application decisions are released by email. Decisions are not given over the phone.

Application Review

All pieces of the application must be received before the application will be reviewed by the Executive MBA Admissions Committee. Incomplete applications will not be considered for admission.

The application may be submitted before the GMAT is taken.  An application will not be reviewed without a GMAT score.  However, an application can be reviewed with an unofficial GMAT score sheet.  Applicants are welcome to fax or email a PDF copy of the unofficial score report  (fax number 801-422-0513); the official score can follow at a later time to the university. If you are applying for a GMAT waiver, you need to fill out the form located here.


Interviews are granted by invitation only. Applicants are contacted by the MBA office if an interview is granted. An interview with a member of the admissions committee is offered to applicants who pass the initial application screening. All admitted applicants must have an interview prior to admission.

In-person interviews on BYU campus are mandatory for applicants living in Utah. Applicants living outside Utah have the option of a telephone interview or Skype interview.  Applicants living outside Utah are not penalized if they choose a telephone or Skype interview, but an in-person interview is advantageous.

Admission Provisions

The Executive MBA Admissions Committee may attach a provision to the admission of certain applicants. Admission provision information is included in the letter of admission from the university, and applicants must satisfy their respective provisions before admission to the program becomes official. The most common provisions relate to:

  • Primer Courses - All admitted applicants must pass proficiency exams in Accounting and Excel by July 1, 2016.
  • GPA - Applicants are required to maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 during the Executive MBA Program