Executive MBA Required Courses

Curriculum list through the Class of 2017. Subject to change.

EMBA 500, Introduction to Management (credit hours 3.0)

Intensive introduction to management thought and practice.

EMBA 508, Leadership I (credit hours 1.5)

Effective leadership of individuals, teams and organizations. Developing capabilities for leading cultural change, building professional relationships, driving for results, fostering innovation, and managing organizational messages.

EMBA 504, Corporate Financial Reporting (credit hours 3.0)

Analyzing financial accounting and reporting issues used by perspective managers.

EMBA 506, Entrepreneurial Management (credit hours 1.5)

Building the skills of entrepreneurial management; focusing on finding opportunities, people, and deals to create new ventures and existing firms.

EMBA 502, Managerial Accounting (credit hours 1.5)

Objectives and procedures of cost accounting. Topics include job costing, cost behavior analysis, standard costs, cost allocation problems, and cost data use in management.

MBA 520, Business Finance I (credit hours 3.0)

Short-term financing of a business operation. Developing techniques for financial planning, such as analysis of ratios, profitability, and liquidity.

MBA 550, Marketing Management (credit hours 3.0)

Development of analytical marketing tools and techniques; their utilization in case analysis and decision making in marketing management.

MBA 545, Human Resource Management (OBHR) (credit hours 3.0)

Analysis of individual, group and organizational variables that facilitate or inhibit effective organizational functioning. Topics include motivation, rewards, leadership, conflict, decision making, structure, evaluation, and change.

EMBA 530, Operations Management (credit hours 1.5)

Examining issues and tools in production and operations management. Specific tools for forecasting, planning, inventory control, and project management presented and developed.

MBA 510, Management & Technology (credit hours 1.5)

Management and control with information technology. Information flow, database design, and use applied to cost controls and managerial decision making.

EMBA 603, Introduction to Management (credit hours 3.0)

Intensive application of management thought and practice.

EMBA 610, Business Negotiations (credit hours 1.5)

Skills of negotiation in a wide variety of professional settings. Promoting negotiation's pervasive role in shaping business outcomes, particularly in buyer-seller interactions.

EMBA 683, Strategy (credit hours 3.0)

Introduction to strategic and advanced studies in strategic planning; applying concepts, models, and analysis.

MBA 604, Ethics (credit hours 1.5)

Basic issues, concepts, and tools of management ethics; includes ethical theory, character ethics, and social responsibility, all taught in a gospel context.

EMBA 682, Strategy Implementation and the General Manager's Role

Creating alignment among organizational elements of the firm; managing strategic change; the role of personal and business values in strategy.

MBA 584, Intro to Global Management (credit hours 1.5)

Foundations in global management integrating strategy, finance, operations, marketing and human resource management.

EMBA 692, Foreign Business Excursion (credit hours 6.0)

International experience, including instruction by global business executives. Exposes students to global practice in management, finance, operations, marketing, and strategy.

EMBA 693R Elective Courses (credit hours 6.0)

Students are offered a variety of subjects in areas including entrepreneurship, marketing, strategic management, finance, and other select topics in management.

EMBA 695, Business of Life (credit hours 1.5)

Bringing together theories and concepts studied during the Executive MBA Program to apply to your personal and family life.