Professors selected to teach in the Executive MBA program are the best of the best — carefully chosen from the full-time faculty of the highly ranked full-time MBA program. Combining the school's excellence in teaching and research with personal involvement in the industry, faculty keep pace with a changing economy. Moreover, faculty collaborate in their teaching to highlight key concepts that bridge multiple disciplines and streamline the learning process. 


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The faculty members are among the finest and are up-to-date with current changes in the business world.  A significant number of them have been part of the curriculum changes to keep our Executive MBA on the cutting edge.

GARY F. MCKINNON Former EMBA Director and Professor

Faculty Member

Areas of Expertise

Agle, Brad Business Ethics, Stakeholder Management, CEO Leadership
Bingham, John Human Capital and Organizational Behavior
Brau, Jim Initial Public Offerings, Entrepreneurial Finance, Real Estate
Christensen, Glenn Marketing, Consumer Research
Dean, Doug Strategic Management of IT and Data Mining
Dyer, Gibb Entrepreneurship, Family-Owned Business
Dyer, Jeff Creativity and Innovation, International Strategy
Glover, Steve Accounting, Auditing, Auditor Litigation
Godfrey, Paul Acquisitions and Mergers, Business Ethics
Hansen, Mark Organizational Leadership and Strategy, Financial Analyst
Hatch, Nile Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Economics of Strategy
Jackson, Burke Business Policy and Strategy, Competitive Advantage
LeBaron, Curtis Leadership, International Human Resources, Quantitative Research
Madsen, Peter Interplay Between Safety, Environmental, Social, and Financial Goals in Organizations
Money, Bruce International Management and Marketing, Global Business Negotiations
Nielson, Troy Organizational Leadership and Strategy, Career Development
Prawitt, Doug Accounting, Judgment and Decision Making Processes
Rhoads, Gary Customer and Employee Retention, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Strategies
Sampson, Scott Global Supply Chain, Service Design
Prawitt, Doug Accounting, Judgment and decision making processes
Stice, Jim Accounting Finance, Auditor Litigation
Stice, Kay Accounting Finance, Accounting: International, Accounting: Theory
Swain, Monte Managerial Accounting
Swenson, Mike Marketing Management: Development of Strategy Implementations
Thompson, Michael Leadership, Management Communications, Knowledge Management
Whitlark, Dave Marketing, Entrepreneurship
Widmer, Mark Therapeutic and Family Recreation, Corporate Experiential Learning
Wright, Colby Financial Markets, Investing