GMAT Preparation

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardized entrance exam used by the BYU Executive MBA program. It is a critical component of the application and requires careful preparation. Most applicants need six to twelve months of intensive study to prepare for the exam. It is suggested that applicants take the GMAT at least three months prior to submitting the Executive MBA application to allow time for a retake if necessary.

Success on the GMAT can depend on many factors, including academic preparation and ability, commitment to GMAT preparation, English skills, and general performance on standardized tests. Although the GMAT is not a perfect indicator of academic ability, there is a strong enough correlation between performance on the GMAT and success in the Executive MBA program that the GMAT is rarely waived for applicants, and a competitive score on the GMAT must be achieved to be considered for admission to the MBA program. (Average score for admitted applicants is 617; it is rare that scores below 560 are considered for admission.)

As you prepare for the GMAT, please be aware that the BYU MBA program does not use the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) portion of the GMAT in the admission process.


Posted below are resources that may be helpful to you as you prepare for the GMAT. This list is compiled by the MBA office and is provided as a courtesy to applicants. It comprises the resources of which the MBA program is aware and is by no means exhaustive. The BYU MBA program does not endorse any of these resources nor is there any guarantee that utilizing them will improve your overall score.

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Study Guides/Books

  • Cracking the GMAT with Sample Tests on CD-ROM (Princeton Review Series)
  • Kaplan GMAT with CD-ROM
  • The Official Guide for GMAT Review (ETS and GMAC)
  • Verbal Workout for the GMAT (Princeton Review Series)
  • GMAT Math Workout (Princeton Review Series)
  • Master the GMAT (Arco)
  • Arco 30 Days to the GMAT CAT (Arco Thirty Day Guides)
  • Barron’s How to Prepare for the GMAT
  • Peterson’s Ultimate GMAT Tool Kit

Books can generally be found at the BYU Store, any major retail book chain, or online with retailers such as,, and

Preparation Courses

Internet Material/Websites