Foreign Business Excursion

To help students understand the global economy and the need for cultural preparation and sensitivity, the Executive MBA curriculum includes an international business trip called the Foreign Business Excursion (FBE). This two-week exploration occurs at the end of the program's second year. In previous years, students have visited the following countries and corporations:

  • Europe- Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic or France, England

    Zimmer, Doppelmayr, Partners Group, Rational, BMW, Bosendorfer, Karel Holoubek, Coal Mine, Unipart, Land Rover, GMAC International
  • Asia- India, Thailand, Hong Kong, China

    Toyota Motor Corporation, Denso, AFLAC International, Cummins Engine, Ottis Elevators, Wall’s Unilever, Swire Coca Cola, Nike, Philips Semiconductor
  • South America- Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru

    IBM, Eli Lilly, Telefonica, Ford, McDonald’s, Banc Galicia, Kimberly Clark, Buena Ventura Gold, NGO Co-op
  • Middle-East- Morocco, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Turkey

    Aryans Jeans, Bonnetiere du Maroc (Iboma), Bavarian Auto Manufacturing Company, Citadel Capital, Citadel Capital (Corporate), Unilever, Invest AD, Dubai Financial Market, NASDAQ Dubai, Latham & Watkins LLP, Al Habtoor-Leighton Group, Emirates Air, US Consulate Panel, Ford Otosan, Sandoz Group Saglik Urunleri
  • India-China

    Tata Motors, Marico, Bollywood, Hong Kong, Disney, BesTV, Delphi Automotive, U.S. Embassy, Home Depot

Dion Davidson- 2010 Europe trip

“My vision expanded through the EMBA program and the FBE trip; in particular, I am now starting to see how I can make a difference in the world. ”

Eric Crimmins- 2010 Middle East trip

“This was an experience that everyone should undertake and one that could not be duplicated outside of a school or learning environment. ”

Scott Bloomfield- 2010 Asia trip

“I have a hard time coming up with words to accurately describe the FBE, but life changing, incredible, unforgettable, and amazing are probably as close as I’m going to get. ”

Experiences and lessons learned during the FBE will be integrated into the Global Management courses. The FBE is an academic endeavor, but some leisure time is scheduled in each of the cities visited.

Additional information

Audits: No audits are permitted.
Student Cost: Tuition for the course covers transportation, hotel accommodations and breakfasts (the only meals included in the package).
Spouses: Spouses may usually accompany students on the FBE. Spouses may not participate in FBE company visits and are responsible for their own schedules during these visits.* There will not be scheduled activities for spouses.
Spouse Cost: Approximately $7,000 (costs will vary depending on factors such as exchange rates and travel associated expenses). This expense includes transportation, hotel accommodations and breakfasts (the only meals included in the package).
Where: Locations are selected during Fall Semester of the second year, and are based on student preferences.
When: FBE’s are generally scheduled to leave mid-May. Trips last approximately 2 weeks.

*If a student wants his or her spouse to accompany them on the business visits, a specific request must be submitted to the EMBA Policy Committee stating the professional benefit of the request.