Reapplication Process

Applicants who previously applied but were not admitted or deferred must submit a new online application and $50 processing fee each year they seek admittance to the MBA program. However, the MBA program keeps applications on file for two years and can transfer to a new application letters of recommendation, transcripts, and test scores (if still valid) to a new application submitted within the two year time frame. To take advantage of this option, please do the following to complete a new application:

  1. Create a new application profile to access the current application. The net ID remains the same with subsequent applications. (see the Executive MBA application web page for details)
  2. Ecclesiastical Endorsement - A new Ecclesiastical Endorsement is required with a new application. An application cannot be processed without a valid “E” Endorsement.
  3. Letters of Recommendation: Letters of recommendation can be transferred to a new application. However, recommender names and email addresses are a required field in the application. Please enter the appropriate information. We recommend that you contact your recommenders to let them know that you will be using the letters previously submitted and to ignore the email request for a recommendation.
  4. Resume - Please submit an updated resume with your new application.
  5. Essay - Your essay may be transferred to a new application if you believe it still accurately reflects your goals and objectives. The essay portion of the application is a required field. If you wish to use your previous essay, you will need to note in the essay portion of the application that you are using a previously submitted essay.
  6. Test scores (if still valid)  will electronically attach to a new application.
  7. Unofficial transcripts are a required field in the Educational Background section of the application.  You will be required to upload an unofficial copy of your transcripts with a reapplication.
  8. Check your application status online for updates on the receipt and clearance of your application materials.