On-campus internship teams can be created to respond to any kind of business need or project. BYU students can be sought from across the campus to meet the needs of specific project deliverables. Past projects have included all types of business students as well as engineering students, psychologists, marketing communication, design artists, sociologists, art majors, construction management, etc. While projects can have an infinite variety, we do have some general program classifications:

Business Projects (Bus M 494R—Experiential Projects)

Business projects include most projects that would be sponsored by traditional corporate America and small businesses. These include projects oriented to marketing, strategy, corporate finance, human resources and organization, supply chain, business management, etc. Teams can be created of homogenous students (students all from the same major and emphasis) to complete a functional project for a company or organization. Teams can also be created of heterogeneous students (students from different majors and emphases) when a cross-functional team is best suited to work on a business project that has multiple elements requiring multi-function capabilities.

Financial Services and Capital Market Projects (Fin 487—Capital Academy)

Capital markets projects are staffed with one or two seniors who have recently completed summer internships and two or three underclassmen who are interested in the financial markets. Finance, economics, and accounting majors are most common. Students have access to Bloomberg and a variety of other research databases. Investment research and portfolio management projects are common, though there are an infinite variety of potential projects looking at both public and private equity opportunities.

FIN 487 Capital Markets Application Process Description
Capital markets projects are open to students of any major and there are no prerequisites. Some companies have very defined projects and others have a broader range of activities. The company sponsors and the types of projects vary each semester. Recent company sponsors include investment banks, private equity shops, asset management groups, hedge funds, and others. We encourage students to complete multiple internships and are happy to accept students who have previous internship experience, whether on or off-campus.

Process for joining the Capital Markets On-Campus Internship Class
Sign up for FIN 487 if space is available. If the class is full, email your resume to and indicate that you would like to be added to the wait list. (Since we are continually adding to the program, the floor on classroom space is adjustable. If we can accommodate you in our section, we will.) We will provide permission-to-add codes as new projects and companies are added.

Once you have joined the class, take a few moments and complete the on-campus internship application. Based on your interest and background, plus the selections you specify, we will recommend you to the companies for which you’re most interested.

How do you determine which company or team I’ll join?
In some cases, companies directly select participants. In other cases, we recommend you. It’s best to indicate any and/or all companies for which you would be interested in interning. If you have not previously completed an internship or had relevant experience, you will most likely be placed on a team with a mentoring/training focus. If you have advanced skill sets, you will have broader opportunity.

Real Estate Development Projects (Bus M 496R—Real Estate Development)

Real estate development projects are formulated through cooperation between Thomas Peterson (a faculty member who has decades of experience as a real estate development executive) and real estate development organizations. These projects align the BYU students who are passionate about real estate development careers with developers looking for in-depth analysis with creatively-formulated alternative options.

Social Entrepreneurship Projects (Bus M 491R, Section 1—Social Innovation Projects)

Social entrepreneurship projects are most commonly sponsored by organizations which are partners with the Ballard Center’s flagship Peery Social Entrepreneurship program at BYU Marriott. Each year, more than 125 students participate in on-campus social entrepreneurship internships at BYU. The students collaborate with well-known and widely recognized social entrepreneurs and their organizations to complete innovative projects. Past partners include Acumen Fund, Vittana, VisionSpring, and Ashoka. To learn more and apply for projects, visit Social Innovation Projects.