Looking for help to solve a current business problem facing your company? Work with the BYU Marriott School of Business to sponsor one of our student experiential learning teams.  


BYU Marriott experiential learning projects help create real career-oriented experiences for students. These projects assist in defining career goals, deepening and enhancing classroom learning, and increasing student attractiveness to recruiting companies.

On-Campus Internships

Undergraduate students from across campus are able to tackle real-world business problems through an on-campus internship. OCIs are student-led fifteen-week projects that are sponsored by a wide range of companies and corporations. A company sponsor will provide direction to the team as students use the tools they are learning in their programs to create an insightful problem resolution to the project proposed by the company.

Field Studies

BYU MBA, MPA, MISM, MAcc, and other BYU graduate students work together in teams of three to six to help companies solve a current pressing issue. Field studies are student-led fifteen-week projects funded by companies who are interested in hiring BYU Marriott MBA and other graduate-level students. A professor and experienced business executive will be assigned as an advisor and coach while the students tap into their skills to create business solutions.

Capstone Projects

In capstone projects, students will work in their faculty-led classes to solve a real, strategic business problem that corresponds with their field of study. Currently, capstone projects are offered only for students studying in the strategy or executive MBA programs.