Cougar Capital

CougarCapitalCougar Capital is a student-run, donation-based, private equity fund. Students participate alongside top-tier venture capital and private equity funds in the investment process and make independent decisions to join the syndicate as a coinvesting partner.

Our Mission

The fund and associated courses were created to attract, develop, and place BYU Marriott MBA students through an applied investment experience.


Cougar Capital serves as a powerful MBA recruiting tool for top talent that has an interest in and passion for venture capital, private equity, and entrepreneurship.


The experience provided through participation in this fund is valuable to students seeking to develop a skill set and to network in the venture capital and private equity industry.


The fund serves as a platform to place students in an industry that is otherwise difficult to enter. Venture capital and private equity careers are dynamic and rewarding. The skills developed are equally valuable for those students who are seeking careers in large corporations and those planning to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. The network and experiences developed as a participant in Cougar Capital are invaluable.


Donors provide the necessary funding to allow Cougar Capital to coinvest with industry leaders in venture capital. These donations establish an evergreen fund where all donated funds and investment returns remain in perpetuity to benefit future MBA students.

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