World-Class Placement Initiative

The World-Class Placement Initiative is designed to place graduates in jobs that help them become leaders around the world. We know that when one of our students gets a great internship and lands a quality job, his or her path to success dramatically improves.

Firms love to hire from BYU. Our students stand out because of their maturity, integrity, and international experience. Another difference between BYU Marriott students and those from other top business schools is how far they have to travel to find excellent jobs. The average distance from a top thirty business school to a major employment center is forty miles. BYU is 637 miles from the nearest major employment center (that’s nearly sixteen times farther away than our competition).

Overcoming the distance challenge is what our $10 million fundraising initiative to support student placement is all about. By donating to the World-Class Placement Initiative, you are helping to meet that challenge and to establish the next generation of leaders.

This initiative is designed to meet three specific objectives:

  1. Reach more companies
  2. Place more students
  3. Increase the quantity of offers

In order to achieve these objectives, funds raised will be used for:worldclass_graph_2012

“Few things will mean more to a young graduate than being able to apply the knowledge and skills he or she’s amassed in meaningful employment.”

—Cecil O. Samuelson, former BYU president

Goal: $10 million