Global Supply Chain Management

The BYU undergraduate global supply chain management (GSCM) program was recently ranked the No. 6 in the nation by Gartner, and the graduate GSCM program was ranked No. 14. We believe we have the potential to be consistently in the top three. The following are some strategic initiatives to make that a reality.

Student recruiting: We need to inform potential students about the program to attract the most qualified candidates with career aspirations that best fit the program.

Student experiences: Select students are participating in our global immersion program, traveling to Asia to study supply chains in action. This is a life-changing experience that provides perspective beyond the classroom.

Supervised consulting experiences: We are developing a program that will allow students to participate in a supervised supply chain consulting experience, gaining practical skills while dealing with complex problems.

Student scholarships: Offering donation-funded scholarships will help us attract and keep the best global supply chain students.

The global influence of BYU and its sponsoring institution support our goal to make the global supply chain management program one of the best in the nation. Your donation will help us make this happen.