The Global Management Certificate is the highest form of academic achievement in international business that the BYU Marriott School of Business awards.

The certificate is visible, concise evidence that you have successfully integrated classroom learning with rigorous international experience, thereby increasing your value as a potential employee or associate. It is an opportunity to illustrate to potential employers or graduate schools that you are serious about international business and have gone above and beyond expectations to achieve the certificate.  

To receive the certificate you must demonstrate experience in three areas, namely: business language competency, international business coursework, and international business experience.

The Global Management Certificate complements your current schedule because many of the classes also count for general business electives of your major. The certificate requires six credits of international business classes, three credits of a foreign business language, and an international business experience. The aim of the program is to utilize your foreign language skills and international experience to provide you with tools for success in the global business world.

Certificate Requirements

  1. Enroll: Submit the declaration of intent to pursue form. Select the courses you plan to take and how you plan to fit them in your schedule.  
  2. Set Course Plan: After acceptance, register for the international business and business language courses during the corresponding semesters. Please be sure to plan in advance as some courses are only available during specific semesters. If your language is not offered at the business language level, you may fulfill the requirement through the Less Commonly Taught Language (LCTL) option. All students are advised to meet with the professor to discuss their proficiency level before registering for the course.  
  3. Submit International Business Experience Proposal: The experience can be in the form of an international internship, field study, study abroad, or other approved international experiences. After you decide on your international experience or are accepted to a study abroad or student exchange, the experience must be approved by the GMC. For approval you need to fill out the international business experience approval form.
  4. Submit International Business Experience Report: The report specifies the tasks performed and lessons learned during your experience and must be submitted to the GMC within thirty days of the completion of your international business experience.

Once you have completed these steps and graduated, you will receive your certificate through the mail. If you have any questions, please email the GMC or call (801) 422-6495.

Begin Application

Certificate Guidelines

The following international experiences are eligible to be used toward the international business experience requirement of the Global Management Certificate:

  • Short-term business study abroad programs, offered by BYU Marriott, with at least two weeks in the foreign country. These trips are directed by a business faculty member and include business visits, case studies, and cultural visits, among other activities.
  • Student exchange programs, where students take business courses in the hosting foreign institution. The program should last for at least one semester.
  • Global field studies, where students spend a semester on campus preparing a recommendation for a real international business project, and spend at least one week in the foreign country doing research.
  • International business internships, or work experience, where students spend at least one month working full-time or two-months working part-time for a company abroad. International students can count their internships or work experience in the United States as an international experience.

The experience should be a true business experience. Cultural trips, service projects (not business related), English teaching experience, among others, are not accepted as an international business experience. Students are required to submit an international business experience approval form online prior to the experience. Students are required to write a five-page report within thirty days upon finishing the experience.

After you have completed your international business experience for the Global Management Certificate, you must submit a report specifying the tasks and what you learned during your experience.  Reports must be submitted within thirty days of accomplishing your business experience. Reports that are poorly written or that are not submitted within thirty days after the conclusion of a student’s international experience will not qualify for the Global Management Certificate requirement. The following criteria should be followed in writing the international business experience report.

Report should be 5-8 pages in length, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font.

Report should include:

  • Name of company or organization including location and background
  • Faculty that may be in charge of the program
  • Length of the experience
  • Accomplishments/ achievements during the experience period
  • Your duties and responsibilities within the organization
  • Business-related learnings, as well as cultural learnings
  • Application of learnings to future career goals

If you speak an LCTL not offered through any of our Business Language courses, you may still complete the Business Language component and earn the Global Management Certificate or the Global Business and Literacy Minor, by fulfilling the following requirements:

  1. Enroll in a 300-level language class or the highest level BYU offers for the language. For example, Hungarian students should take Hungarian 330.
  2. Choose and read at least fourteen articles from business periodicals or journals in your language, and write a one-paragraph summary of each article in your language. Each article must be at least one-page long and the one-paragraph summary must be approved by your language instructor and initialed with approval.  
  3. While enrolled in the above class, develop a vocabulary list of at least three hundred business vocabulary terms in the target language and English. You should choose vocabulary terms that are new and useful to your field. You can use your reading material from requirement No. 2 to develop the vocabulary list.
  4. Write a five-page business report in English on a business topic of your interest related to the country where the language is spoken. Your topic must be pre-approved by Jonathon Wood at the GMC.
  5. Create your résumé in the language. Ask your foreign language instructor to review it and sign it.

Please turn in all materials and assignments listed above to the GMC (360 TNRB) by the end of the enrolled semester. Please place the LCTL cover sheet, available in the GMC, on the top of your material. We encourage you to get support and feedback from your foreign language professor and the GMC as you complete the business language requirements.