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The Brigham Young University's Miller New Venture Challenge (NVC) fosters and promotes business growth at the university level. The mission of the NVC is to provide opportunities, incentives, and resources for students to organize and direct the creation of successful business plans. The Whitmore Global Management Center strives to help students who are interested in international business. Due to the importance of international business to the U.S. and global economy and the emphasis being placed on global management in the Marriott School, the Whitmore Global Management Center is proud to sponsor a separate Global Category within BYU's New Venture Challenge. The Global Management Center awards a cash prize of $5,000 to the top international business venture proposal.

FINAL Submission Deadline is 23 February 2014.

How do I Enter the Competition?

The global category is a part of BYU’s New Venture Challenge. You follow the policies and procedures outlined in the NVC 2014 Information Packet. You will need to submit  your business presentation to the Global Management Center (360 TNRB) before 4:50 PM Monday, 24 February 2014 to qualify. Please label your business plan as “Global,” and email your Executive Summary and Presentation to

For detailed information about the New Venture Challenge and all policies and procedures please visit or visit 470 TNRB.

Can I Enter the Global Category Along with the Regular Competition?

Yes. We strongly encourage you to enter both the global category and the general category. You will need to follow the regular submission process and email a copy of your executive summary and presentation to

What do I need to know to compete in the global category?

For the purposes of the competition, international business is defined as all commercial transactions that take place between two or more countries. Given that we are concentrating on start-up ventures, it is likely that a valid project would involve the development of a new product or service that will be exported to another country or countries. It could also involve the introduction of an existing product to a foreign market or markets. The key is that the international component must be significant so that the team has to deal with cultural, legal-political, and economic environments as they attempt to successfully introduce their product or service.

Judging Criteria and Process
Evaluating the Global Category

What can I expect if I progress to the finals?

The first-place winner will receive $5,000  from the Global Management Center to help fund implementing their business plan.  These awards will be given at the awards presentation.

For all other questions or additional information please email or visit 360 TNRB.