Judging Criteria and Process

You must have a cover page complete with name, address, phone number, and contact person. Your opening paragraph should contain a 50-75 word description defining and positioning your business.

The Business (15% Weight)

  • Business's purpose. Explain what business you are in and why (i.e., what is the global reach of the business)
  • Give a brief summary of your business's history and current status.
  • State your business's overall strategy and objectives.
  • If you are currently in operation, describe your impact in the international business community.

The Products or Services (10% Weight)

  • Describe important features and user benefits - relate features of the products and/or services to market needs and to the competition.
  • Describe specific products and/or services and projects planned, their status, release date, expected product life, and potential revenues.
  • Articulate any regulatory or environmental issues, if any.

The Market and Marketing Strategy (25% Weight)

  • Describe in detail what impact you will have on the international market. Who receives your services and Why?
  • Market profile - size, anticipated growth, key changes. What issues, if any, show the need for your service?
  • Competition
  • Unique capabilities - what makes you different?
  • Market penetration - how are you going to reach the market, (i.e., your market strategy - channels of distribution, promotion, etc. and the cost of the marketing program)

International Impact (25% Weight)

  • How does the venture work within and/or incorporate the foreign culture?
  • Political barriers - are they one-time or on-going? How will they be handled in the venture?
  • Cultural barriers - what barriers exist and how will the plan overcome those barriers?

Management (15% Weight)

  • Very brief backgrounds of key individuals - why they can do this job, specific value they add to the business, their past successes and achievements.
  • History of working together as a team.
  • Identification of immediate personnel needs and anticipated initial organizational structure.

Financial Summary (10% Weight)

  • Funding plan - how much you want to raise, both initially and subsequently. How you intend to do this.
  • Best estimate on the Return on Investment (ROI) created from the investment.
  • Describe funding needs at each stage of development.
  • Simple projection of income and expenses over a three to five year period is required. State and briefly justify your financial assumptions.
  • If you are an existing business, include a past financial history.