Five-Step Process for Faculty Interested in Faculty Development in International Business Research

  1. Choose a research project within your field of research and that has an international scope.
  2. Create a plan of how you will use the desired funding for you research whether it will be for research-related travel purposes or for research-related equipment and personnel.
  3. Complete and submit the Faculty Development in International Business (FDIB) request form for research funding online.
  4. If your request is approved, proceed with your research project as planned.
    **If your research involves travel, please read the following:
    • Make any travel arrangements through your own department. Use a U.S. airline. (The Department of Education will not approve foreign travel using a foreign carrier.)
    • At least one month prior to your trip, send your flight itinerary, complete with flight number, dates, time, and cost of airfare to Please fill out the International Travel Itinerary Form (The Department of Education must receive your itinerary one month prior to your trip to approve it.)
    • Complete a Travel Authorization on Y-Expense, using your department's account code, and purchase your airfare.
  5. When your research project is completed, fill out the FDIB research survey online. Keep all receipts and upon completion of your project, the GMC will reimburse you and your department for the research costs incurred up to the amount awarded to you.