Welcome To BYU

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Marriott School of Management!

The Whitmore Global Management Center is here to support you with resources that will help you adjust to BYU academics and life in the United States as an international student. As part of your initial exposure to everything atBYU there is a unique two-week orientation during the month of August.  The International Graduate Student Orientation (IGSO) is specifically designed for YOU!  The orientation will provide workshops and classes to prepare to live in the United States for the next two years.  You will learn about everything from taxes and transportation, to etiquette and activities [to do here] in the area.  The Orientation is a great opportunity upon arrival to ask questions and get answers from many professionals that come to participate in the event.   For this reason you are required to attend this two-week IGSO conference from 4 August – 13 August 2015.  

Be sure you read the following information before you travel to the United States.      

We also recommend you visit this site: Check it out for useful hints on studying in America.

We anticipate your arrival at Brigham Young University, a school as unique as you are.