IB Courses

The following is a list of possible international business classes offered through the Marriott School and Brigham Young University. To find the most up-to-date information on which classes are offered and details about scheduling and prerequisites; please contact the individual departments. They will have the most current information about the course.

BUS M 430 Introduction to International Business

Complexities confronting U.S. firms and their management in international environments. Emphasizes functional and planning areas, including organization, market research, and financial analysis.

BUS M 431 International Marketing

Prereqs: BusM 341, Recommended BusM 430
International market entry strategies, export marketing, joint ventures, and other market entry modes. Regional/National markets; cultural, political, legal environments. Negotiations, trade financing, marketing mix.

FIN 432 International Corporate Finance

Prereqs: BusM 301, Recommended BusM 430
Financial aspects of multinational corporations operating within an international environment; direct foreign investment, foreign exchange regulations, capital markets, etc.

BUS M 450 Global Business Negotiations

Prereqs: BusM 341 
Developing an effective negotiation framework for cross-national/cultural negotiation techniques relative to business and other life situations.

BUS M 469 Global Supply Chain Strategy

Prereqs: BusM 361
Integrative and creative problem solving in designing and managing cohesive value-added conversion/transformation systems in a global environment.

BUS M 490R Topics in business Management (Section 4)

Current business-related topics varying by semester and section.

ORGB 431 International Human Resources.

Prereqs: OrgB 327
International policies and practices in organizational behavior and human resource management.

ORGB 490R Professional Development Seminar

Special topics in organizational behavior. Course content varies from year to year.

MBA 584 Introduction to Global Management

Foundations in global management integrating strategy, finance, operations, marketing, and human resource management.

MBA 627 International Finance

Impact that currency, tax and capital market variations between countries have on sourcing of funds, management of working capital, investment of funds, and protection of assets. Understanding the foreign exchange market.

MBA 632 Social Entrepreneurship

Theory and practice of starting, financing, assessing, and managing successful mission-driven for-profit and nonprofit ventures. Strategies, pitfalls, and tools in use.

MBA 633 Global Supply Chain Strategy

How companies win fiercely competitive battles for customer loyalty by bringing together the complementary competencies residing up and down the supply chain to create unique value in a rapidly changing global environment.

MBA 637 Global Supply Chain Management

Emerging rules of a global marketplace and their influence on key supply chain activities and processes.

MBA 645 International Human Resources

Understanding national, organizational, and ethnic cultures and cultural frameworks used for business. Cross-country analysis; international human resource issues and working abroad.

MBA 658 International Marketing

Institutions and techniques related to marketing goods and services in other countries: international dimensions of product, price, distribution channels, and promotion as they are adjusted to meet social, cultural, and political environments found in other countries.

MBA 661 Global Business Negotiations

Concepts/practices of effective negotiation in the global marketplace. Experiential learning techniques: case studies, role plays, simulations, and videos to develop skills. Cross-cultural international factors that affect negotiation.

ACC 545 International Accounting

Accounting from an international perspective: flow of information in multiple currencies, complying with reporting requirements, setting budgets and monitoring performance, and controlling corporate assets through reports and audits.

Other international courses that are beneficial:

ECON 257 International Trade and Finance

Prereq: Econ 110 or equivalent
Economic analysis of the mechanisms, problems, institutions, and policies of trade among countries. Financial and monetary arrangements that facilitate trade.

ECON 458 International Trade Theory & Applications

Prereq Econ 380, 381
Analysis of the theory of exchange, specialization, and trade, focusing on nature of the allocational problem when distinct economies interact.

ECON 459 International Monetary Theory

Prereq: Econ 378 or equivalent, 380, 381
Monetary and macroeconomic aspects of international relations dealing primarily with short-run balance-of-payments disequilibrium and adjustments.

P MGT 385 Business and Society

Interaction between business and other societal institutions, both domestic and international.

PL SCI 344 Comparative Political Economy

Prereq: PlSci 150
Overview of political economy from a comparative perspective. Classic theorists (Smith, Marx, Schumpeter, etc.); classic questions (industrialization, national economic policy, property, globalization, law, and economics).

PL SCI 372 International Political Economy

Political implications of international trade, investment, and monetary policies within an increasingly interdependent global context; transnationalism.

PL SCI 375 International Organizations

International institutions; transnational relations; rise of newer political organizations: League of Nations, United Nations, European communities, world religions, multinational corporations, terrorist groups, global regimes.

GEOG 270 Travel Planning, Rates, and Tariffs: Domestic and International

Procedures of domestic and international trip planning, including ticketing, routing, fare structure, rates, and tariffs.