Financial Aid

Financial Aid

International graduate students at the Marriott School of Management can receive financial aid through the following scholarships:

Cardon International Sponsorship Program

The Cardon International Sponsorship (CIS) program was created in 1986 with the purpose of:

  • Providing graduate management education for non-United States citizens who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with significant church leadership and service
  • Preparing participants for leadership roles in their careers, communities, and church when they return to their native countries or regions.

For more details on this scholarship, please click here.

International Graduate Student Scholarship (IGSS)

International applicants admitted to a Marriott School graduate program may be eligible for the IGSS. Students are automatically considered for IGSS upon admission to a program (no application is necessary.) Scholarship awards range from one-quarter to full tuition of LDS tuition rates. CIS recipients are not considered for IGSS. Questions may be directed to

Single Parent Scholarship

Graduate student single parents receive help from the Spouse Association of the Marriott School’s National Advisory Council, which has sponsored a scholarship for single parents since 1997. Members of the association donate yearly to the scholarship fund. Please click here for more information.