At a Glance

What is Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM)?

Global supply chain management is the business of business. It is the study of how to make things happen.

GSCM makes it possible for to promise two-day shipping.
GSCM makes it possible for Apple to meet massive demand for new iPhone models.
GSCM makes it possible for Walmart to offer low prices and become the world’s largest retailer.

In today’s global economy, businesses compete with their supply chain. When you join supply chain you connect the global economy by getting products and services from where they are produced to where they are needed.

Global supply chain management might involve deciding whether to ship by rail, truck, or boat, or deciding whether to order in bulk or just-in-time. It can be managing the process of moving products efficiently through a manufacturing plant. These are only a few examples of the many exciting choices you can make when you become a part of supply chain.

If you enjoy solving problems and want to make a difference in the world, consider GSCM.

What can Global Supply Chain Management graduates do?

Because of the strong reputation of the BYU Marriott GSCM program, national and international firms aggressively recruit supply chain students for internships and full-time positions.

These positions include supply chain analytics, consulting, distribution operations, logistics operations, purchasing/procurement and manufacturing, inventory management and forecasting, sales, technology operations, and general supply chain management.