Raising the Bar

PROVO, Utah – Sep 05, 2019 – Angel Zhong is always reaching for a higher bar in order to achieve her dreams. As a member of the BYU gymnastics team, a student in BYU Marriott’s global supply chain management (GSCM) program, and an intern at doTERRA, Zhong proves that hard work and dedication pay off.

Zhong found her identity in gymnastics at a young age. As a child, Zhong was always active and full of energy. After moving from her home country of China to Canada in 2005, her parents tried placing their young daughter in a variety of sports but none seemed to be the right outlet. “I would come home and still be bouncing off the walls,” says Zhong. It wasn’t until Zhong’s parents put her in gymnastics that she finally came home tired.

At eight years old, Zhong was considered too old to become a competitive gymnast, but she made up for lost time by dedicating everything she had to this newfound sport. “I had to put in a lot of hard work, but it was easy because I loved gymnastics,” she says.

Zhong’s passion for gymnastics was evident to her family. Her parents decided to move to another city, so that Zhong could train at one of the most competitive gyms in Canada. The sacrifice paid off when Zhong was offered an athletic scholarship to BYU.

This Shanghai native applies the skills she’s learned as a gymnast to her classroom experience. “One of the things gymnastics has taught me is confidence,” says Zhong. She specifically remembers how confident she felt in the GSCM junior core when giving presentations and answering questions on the spot.

Zhong also relies on her confidence as she rubs shoulders with other BYU Marriott students. “Being surrounded by smart, hardworking individuals can be overwhelming,” says Zhong. “I have realized I need to be confident in the fact that I deserve to be here.”

In addition to building her confidence, Zhong has also learned hard work and determination from gymnastics, skills she used to land a summer internship with doTERRA, an essential oils company. After meeting with doTERRA representatives at multiple careers fairs around campus, Zhong was interviewed and hired as a summer purchasing intern. The company has accommodated Zhong and her busy schedule while simultaneously helping her grow in her position. “doTERRA’s main goal is to have interns learn rather than just to do the work others don’t have time or want to do themselves,” says Zhong.

BYU Marriott helped prepared Zhong for her role at doTERRA and has opened her eyes to future possibilities. Zhong applied knowledge she gained in the GSCM program at doTERRA as she created a standard operations procedure for retired products, helping the company become more efficient. “I felt like I was making a difference and it helped me see how there is more waiting for me beyond gymnastics,” she says. 

As Zhong enters her senior year at BYU, her focus now is carrying the skills she has learned from gymnastics into the work force. “I won’t be able to use the flips I’ve learned, but I will take more valuable lessons with me such as confidence, hard work, and determination,” says Zhong. “That’s what I’ll have in the end.”

Angel Zhong is a member of BYU's gymnastics team. Photo courtesy of BYU Photo.
Angel Zhong is a member of BYU's gymnastics team. Photo courtesy of BYU Photo.
Angel Zhong
Photo courtesy of BYU Photo.

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