Scholar Requirements


During the first year of graduate school, potential Healthcare Industry Scholars must join the Healthcare Industry Association (HIA) and take MPA 590, Health Services Delivery, to learn more about the healthcare industry and gain exposure to healthcare professionals. Scholars must complete two qualifying electives anytime during their graduate program and MPA 591R the Fall semester of their second year.


During the summer, potential scholars are encouraged to complete a healthcare-related internship.

Potential scholars must also submit their applications by 15 May. Applications include a statement of interest demonstrating academic, work, volunteer, and life experiences relating to healthcare industry in addition to future career plans, leadership experience, and other reasons they would like to be selected as a Healthcare Industry Scholar. 

Acceptance is communicated by 30 June.


Scholarship funds are typically awarded in Winter semester after the add/drop deadline. Recipients must provide:

  • Transcript
  • One-paragraph description of a healthcare-related project
  • Thank you note to the donor