Deeply Rooted in SHRM

PROVO, Utah – Apr 25, 2018 – Since the seed was first planted at his first Society for Human Resource Management event, Jorgen Rasmussen has been deeply rooted in the club and is now ready to lead as the executive president.

The Orem, Utah, native was initially interested in social sciences such as psychology and sociology, but he also had an interest in business. It wasn’t until his involvement with SHRM that he realized human resources was the perfect mix of the two.

“One day I was talking to my roommate who was studying HR, and he invited me to a SHRM event to learn more about the field of study,” Rasmussen says. “I went and figured out that I could use what I like about the social sciences and apply it in a business setting to get meaningful results.”

After listening to an executive speaker talk about the impact HR can have on a business, Rasmussen was intrigued and hooked. He came back for more lectures, attended an NAC luncheon with HR executives, and became a member of the club.

Rasmussen did not waste any time getting involved in SHRM. After a few months of being a part of the club during his sophomore year, Rasmussen joined a team and participated in the Purdue HR Executive Case Competition a year before he applied and was admitted into the HR program.

“It was such a fun experience being able to travel to Indiana and dive into an HR problem for an entire week,” Rasmussen says. “That was the first real HR problem-solving experience I had, and I’m still great friends with several of the people on that team.”

After years of being involved in SHRM, Rasmussen is now preparing to take the reins as the club’s executive president. He was handpicked for this position by the previous president, Braeden Santiago.

“I knew I needed to find a leader who would be able to craft a vision that would take SHRM to the next level, and that's why I chose Jorgen,” Santiago says. “He brings powerful, thought-driven leadership with his strong analytical talents. He also recognizes his nonstrength areas and has selected a powerful leadership team that will fill in those gaps.”

The biggest goal Rasmussen has for SHRM this coming year is engagement. He hopes to maintain the member base and continue to grow it through events and activities that get people involved and working together to create a more cohesive unit.

Rasmussen has a lot to look forward to this upcoming school year as he runs SHRM—and welcomes his first child due in September with his wife, Brooke. 

While his growing family is the priority, Rasmussen hopes to continue soaking in all the knowledge he can during his final year at BYU Marriott.

“BYU Marriott is great at preparing us to enjoy and never stop learning,” Rasmussen says. “I love learning and want to continue being edified throughout my career.”

Jorgen Rasmussen is BYU SHRM's new executive president.

Media Contact: Jordan Christiansen (801) 422-8938
Writer: Emily Colon