For information about admission criteria, please click here. To apply for the program, please click here. 

A minimum 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.0 prerequisite GPA are required to apply. 

In addition to grades the application requires a current résumé as well as a 500-word essay.

Yes, you may apply concurrently to all undergraduate programs at the Marriott School. However, you may only enter one of these programs. 

The prerequisite classes for the information systems junior core are as follows:

  • IS 201 (IS 110 must be taken before or concurrently with IS 201)
  • ACC 200
  • FIN 201
  • BUS M 241
  • IS 303 (or CS 142)

Note that IS 201 and IS 303/CS 142 require a grade of B or better.

Although only ACC 200 is a prerequisite for the information systems program, the following pre-management courses count toward general education credit:

  • ACC 200 – Quantitative Reasoning
  • STAT 121 – Languages of Learning/Quantitative Reasoning
  • MCOM 320 – Advanced Writing
  • ECON 110 – Social Science/Partial AHTG

You will be required to take ECON 110, MCOM 320 and STAT 121 once admitted to the program. Completion of these courses before beginning the junior core is highly recommended. 

It is possible to take all of the prerequisite classes in one semester, though it is strongly discouraged due to the extensive time and effort required for each course.

  • Any repeated prerequisite courses will be discounted by 0.3 (e.g. A to A-) in the application process.
  • The most recent grade is the one considered during the application process. 
  • Courses may only be repeated once.

Classes may appear full online before the first day of the semester. As the semester begins, students drop classes, and seats become available. Be diligent in checking online for seats to become available. You may also contact the academic advisor in 789 TNRB to ask permission to be added to the class.

Yes, to defer for an internship, mission, or other reason, you must apply for a deferment. Deferment forms are available online. Aside from a deferment, once accepted into the Marriott School you must be enrolled in a three-credit-hour class for every semester that you are in the program (excluding spring/summer terms).

If you have not yet been admitted to the program, you may sign up for BUS M 199R. In this class, pre-management students may earn credit for doing an internship. Students who are already in the program should take BUS M 496R for internship credit. Internships must be approved for credit by the Marriott School Internship Office in 460 TNRB.

For information on transfers, please click here. This site will help you navigate the process of inquiring about transfer classes. It includes a link to a list of previously evaluated transfer classes from various colleges. For classes that have not yet been evaluated by the Marriott School, please email a course syllabus, your name, and your BYU ID to msm_transfer@byu.edu.

To add a minor, please obtain a minor clearance form from the college advisement center that offers the minor program. Once the form is filled out and signed, take the form to Marriott School Advisement in 460 TNRB.

A double major must be approved by the director of Marriott School Advisement, the dean of the Marriott School, and your secondary major’s college. Visit Marriott School Advisement in 460 TNRB to complete a double major form.