Complete the following two required courses as well as all other required BS IS/MISM courses:

  • IS 537: Data Structures and Algorithms
  • IS 552: MISM Capstone

Complete two of the following elective courses, plus three additional electives, for a total of fifteen credit hours:

  • IS 520: Spreadsheet and DB Automation Programming
  • IS 542: Web Development
  • IS 543: Mobile Platform Development – iOS
  • IS 590R: Mobile Platform Development – Android
  • IS 566: Advanced Database
  • IT 355: Human Computer Interaction
  • IT 410: Advanced Web Technologies
  • Additional development courses as approved by the track coordinator (Conan Albrecht) and the MISM program advisor

All other MISM required elective coursework hours remain the same as the non-track program. Not all classes are offered every semester.