PhD Prep

Complete the following three courses, as well as all other required BS IS/MISM courses:

  • MBA 593R First Fall: Pre-PhD Prep
  • IS 552 Second Winter: MISM Capstone Project (Research)
  • IS 693R: Teaching (Replaces IS 550)

Complete the following pre-PhD requirements in addition to three MISM or research electives:

  • IS 571 First Winter: Introduction to Academic Research in Information Systems
  • IS 693R Second Fall: Research

Suggested research electives:

  • ACC 591R: Pre-PhD Prep by David Wood
  • STAT 511: Statistical Methods for Research 1
  • STAT 512: Statistical Methods for Research 2
  • PSYCH 712R: Functional MRI Design & Analysis
  • Additional research classes as approved by the track coordinator (James Gaskin) and the MISM program advisor.

All other MISM required and elective coursework hours remain the same as the non-track program. Not all classes are offered every semester.