An Evolving Career

PROVO, Utah – Jul 23, 2018 – BYU Marriott information systems alum Roy Peckham’s career is always evolving, due in part to changes in the industry.
He also just can’t sit still.
“I struggle with absolutes,” says Peckham, who has served in a variety of positions during his six years at ExxonMobil. “My comfort zone includes chaos and complexity, which is why I love what I do.”
In 2012, Peckham started as an information technology analyst at Exxon after graduating with his BS in information systems and MISM. He quickly transferred to a position as a senior web developer, but while on a business trip soon after, Peckham read a book on responsive web design and felt inspired to introduce the approach to Exxon.  

Customers responded positively to the change, which enabled them to access company websites on any device. Riding that success, Peckham turned to the company’s mobile apps and realized that they weren’t created with the user in mind. He began implementing design thinking principles, such as consumer research and prototyping, to improve the app development process. Peckham’s efforts caught the attention of upper-level management, who decided to expand design thinking within the company.
“I was given a completely blank slate to build design thinking at Exxon,” Peckham says. “I’ve been able to travel the world and dig into real problems at Exxon, which has been an exciting experience.”
In 2015, Peckham became a senior design thinking advisor and helped found an internal design thinking studio, which now houses a team of fourteen people. The team teaches design thinking workshops to Exxon employees around the world to help solve problems, develop strategy, and improve communication.
“We are like a wrecking ball in this company, taking ideas and making meaningful change across the organization,” Peckham says. “I love creating the environment and setting a stage where people can bring out the best of each other and come up with interesting insights.”
Peckham splits his time between the design thinking team and the company’s chemical business, where he serves as a commercial innovation advisor. He helps rethink company business models and prepares for changes to the industry. Peckham is excited for the future of Exxon as it turns its focus to areas such as recycling and electric vehicles.
“My story is a unique one, and I owe it to my mentors and the network that I started developing as a student,” Peckham says. “The information systems program at BYU is rigorous and helped me hit the ground running at Exxon.”

IS alum Roy Peckham teaches design thinking principles at ExxonMobil
IS alum Roy Peckham helps develop design thinking at ExxonMobil.
Peckham visits ChengShin in Taiwan
Peckham's position has taken him all around the world.
Peckham with his family
Peckham and his family live near Houston, Texas.

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Writer: Maggie Kuta