School of Accountancy and Information Systems Separate

The Marriott School announces the division of the School of Accountancy and Information Systems into two parts: the School of Accountancy and the Information Systems Department. The change resulted from numerous discussions among BYU faculty and administration.

The School of Accountancy started in 1976 when it was first named the Institute of Professional Accountancy. Then in 1990 some faculty from the Information Management Department joined the school to consolidate the faculty and form a nucleus for program development.

Kevin Stocks will continue as the director of the School of Accountancy. Marshall Romney, the associate director and John W. and Nancy S. Hardy Professor of Accounting and Information Systems, will chair the Information Systems Department.

“In the long run, we anticipate that this change will allow each area to better focus on its particular program and enhance the status of all programs,” Stocks says.

Though the programs are separating, neither will change its focus. Introductory courses are the same in both specialties, but beyond that most classes are completely separate except for some graduate electives.

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