Adjustments for COVID-19

We recognize that COVID-19 has impacted the MBA admissions process and has likely created new hurdles in completing the requirements. To help with testing center closures and other potential interruptions, we are building more flexibility into our application process for students applying to the full-time MBA program for the Fall 2020 Semester, including the following:

We will accept scores from either the on-site or new online GMAT and GRE.

We are waiving the application fee for new applications submitted between 9 April 2020 and 31 May 2020.

We now offer a GMAT/GRE waiver. Waivers will be granted on a case-by-case basis to applicants who demonstrate superior accomplishment and potential in their applications and interviews. GMAT/GRE waiver requirements include the following:

  • Having not previously submitted a GMAT or GRE score.
  • Evidence of quantitative ability shown in undergraduate degree transcript or through applicable work experience.
  • Significant promotion(s) during the last two years of work experience.
  • Demonstrated leadership capabilities.

If you feel you qualify for a GMAT/GRE waiver, please include at the end of your statement of intent a SEPARATE PARAGRAPH requesting a waiver and describing why you believe you are a strong candidate to receive the waiver.

If you have a GMAT or GRE score but plan to retake an exam: Please submit your current test scores and indicate in the essay that you are planning to retake the exam. We will process your application with the current GMAT score and offer conditional admission for qualified applicants. If online GMAT and GRE capacity increases or testing centers open in time, we will require a retake prior to 1 August 2020. Otherwise, we will consider a GMAT waiver.

If you have a master’s, PhD, MD, or other graduate degree: Please apply. In many cases, test results from application to those programs, or academic performance in those programs, can be used as a substitute for a GMAT score. We will review your application and admit qualifying applicants to the MBA program.

If you have taken the LSAT or MCAT or have an expired GMAT/GRE: Please apply. We will work with you to convert these scores for use in your application to the MBA program.

If you’re an international student: International students are deeply appreciated in the BYU Marriott MBA program. Unfortunately, US embassies are currently closed making it impossible for international students to obtain a student visa. If an international student does not have a valid US student visa, they are encouraged to apply after 1 October 2020 for admissions for Fall 2021.

We are committed to ensuring that applicants have every opportunity to achieve their goals of gaining an MBA from the world-class program at BYU Marriott School of Business.

Updated 7 May 2020