What We Look For in a BYU MBA Applicant

Exceptional Students

The BYU MBA Program wants exceptional individuals as students. We want students who will make BYU an inspiring place to learn current business practices and principles.

Holistic Admissions Approach

When admitting students, we look at each applicant as a complete individual. We weigh your academic and professional achievements against your potential ability to work in teams and large groups and the overall contribution you would bring to the class you are hoping to join.

To evaluate your academic ability, we rely on traditional tools like GMAT scores and undergraduate GPAs. To evaluate the type of contribution you will make to other members of your class, we take into account your professional experience.

In addition to the academic and professional requirements we examine, we want to know why you want to attend BYU and whether it would be a good fit for you. How well you describe your interest in the BYU MBA Program in your personal statement of intent, your letters of recommendation, and the result of your interview with an MBA professor will determine whether you will receive an invitation for admission. All are critical factors in making an admission decision.

We also evaluate each applicant against other potential students applying at the same time. Some years we have a higher number of applications than others. We generally receive 600 to 800 applications and accept around 200 students. Remember, if you are not accepted this year, try again next year.

Diversity Enriches the Classroom Experience

Like the other top-30 MBA programs, we look to include students of diverse backgrounds. As is evidenced by our past graduating classes, diversity in culture, ethnicity, nationality, gender, socioeconomic background, and professional experience add to the rich learning environment of the BYU MBA Program.

Although diversity is a part of the final decision, it is not a critical factor for admission into the Program. The BYU MBA Program does not sacrifice a class’s ability to be successful for the opportunity to move up in national rankings. We admit students based on academic and professional merit and his or her potential to add value to the incoming class and the overall brand of the BYU MBA Program.