Career Paths

You may wonder what you can do with an MBA or what kind of careers can stem from getting an MBA. The links below will direct you to a series of careers paths past MBAs have followed.

Getting an MBA doesn't mean you have to follow one of these paths, but these examples may help you see what other MBAs have done.

BYU MBA Alumni have also been known to:

  • Do consulting work for not-for-profit organizations
  • Lead healthcare consulting projects by utilizing a background in the medical field and an MBA
  • Start their own companies
  • Lead and develop employees and implement organizational change as Organizational Behavior Consultants and/or HR Managers.
  • Create and manage product/company brands
  • Utilize supply chain principles to reduce cost, waste, and improve customer experience
  • Manage real estate development projects
  • Work in higher education as a professor or administrator
  • Obtain a PhD

An MBA is a very versatile degree that will help you gain the skill set you need to better achieve your future goals.

Career Maps

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CFOs :
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