Frequently Asked Questions

Advice from Mentors

Business Management 326 FAQs

Does the location of my mentor matter?

No. Most of the mentors are out of state and the assignments can be completed via phone.

Do I need to contact my mentor first, or will the Mentor Program?

The student should contact their mentor first. The Mentor Program will contact them later in the course.

What’s the best way to make first contact with my mentor?

E-mail is usually the best way to make first contact. However, if your mentor does not reply within a few days, try calling them at work and/or home. You should try all of the contact information that your mentor has provided before you contact the office to change mentors.

My mentor is unavailable this semester. How do I get a new mentor?

Contact the TA at

Do I have to use a mentor from the list, or may I find my own?

We encourage you to select a mentor from the database. If you have extenuating circumstances contact us in 446 TNRB.

I’ve never done a resume or cover letter. How do I do them?

Is there a midterm or a final?


Do I have to do the assignments in any particular order?

No. You may complete the 3 assignments in any order you choose.

My mentor is unavailable until after an assignment deadline. What should I do?

Contact the TA at

What feedback will my mentor give to the program?

Mentors are encouraged to comment on your assignments as well as your overall preparedness and professionalism. They are also asked for general suggestions on how to improve the course.