Program Overview

What Will I Study?

Marketing students learn to conduct market research, understand consumer behavior, and create effective advertising and promotions. In addition to their marketing foundation, they learn the basics of other cross-functional areas of business (accounting, logistics, etc.) to give them the context needed to work in managerial-level roles. They specialize their skills in marketing by selecting from a set of electives ranging from principles of professional selling to data analysis.

Program Overview

The marketing major is a 64-credit hour limited enrollment program. The program accepts 60 students yearly to start marketing coursework Fall semester. Students are encouraged to take 12–15 credits each semester after admittance so they can graduate in 3–4 semesters. Students take the marketing junior core, a 10-credit envelope of classes, their first semester.

Marketing Junior Core

BUS M 326: Career Development (1.0 credit)

BUS M 442: Marketing Research (3.0 credits)

BUS M 444: Consumer Behavior (3.0 credits)

BUS M 455: Advertising and Promotions Management (3.0 credits)

Additional Requirements

Students also complete three marketing electives, and their capstone BUS M 459: Marketing Strategy in addition to other core business requirements. 

For full list of coursework see the flowchart and course catalog.