Faculty and Staff

BYU MPA faculty are passionate about the program. They represent a dynamic blend of experienced educators and internationally recognized practitioners. Our faculty are deeply committed to mentoring individual students in ways that are uncommon for graduate programs. Because the program size is small, MPA faculty develop close working relationships with students and often collaborate with them on research projects and field studies.

MPA faculty have expertise in areas such as city management, communications, international development, nonprofit management, career development, taxation and banking, community development, survey research, community health, legislative staff work, and management consulting.

Full-Time Faculty

Brad Agle

George W. Romney Endowed Professor

Office: 636 TNRB
Phone: 801-362-8194
Email: bradagle@byu.edu

Robert Christensen

Associate Professor

Office: 771 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-6414
Email: rkc@byu.edu
Home Page: bitly.com/web_rkc

Rex Facer

Associate Professor

Office: 768 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-9321
Email: rfacer@byu.edu

David Hart

Associate Professor

Office: 770 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-7243
Email: davidhart@byu.edu

Brigitte Madrian

Marriott Distinguished Professor

Office: 730 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-4122
Email: dean_madrian@byu.edu

David Matkin

Associate Professor

Office: 773 TNRB
Email: david_matkin@byu.edu

Aaron Miller

Assistant Teaching Professor

Office: 766 TNRB
Phone: 801-787-3210
Email: aaronmiller@byu.edu

Ray Nelson

Associate Professor

Office: 769 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-6126
Email: ray_nelson@byu.edu

Brad Owens

Associate Professor

Office: 774 TNRB
Phone: 801-473-6547
Email: bpo@byu.edu

Chris Silvia

Associate Professor

Office: 764 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-2433
Email: chris.silvia@byu.edu

Lori Wadsworth

MPA Director & Associate Professor

Office: 760 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-5956
Email: lori_wadsworth@byu.edu

Eva Witesman

Associate Professor

Office: 772 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-6536
Email: eva_witesman@byu.edu

Part-Time Faculty

Andrew Heiss

Adjunct Professor

Office: 773 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-0123
Email: andrew_heiss@byu.edu

Justin Ames

Adjunct Professor

Email: amestar11@gmail.com

Amy Antonelli

Adjunct Professor

Email: amyantonelli@gmail.com

Eric Blum

Adjunct Professor

Email: etblum@byu.edu

Liz Dixon

Adjunct Professor

Office: 639 TNRB
Email: lizdixon@xmission.com

Robert Hanson

Adjunct Professor

Email: narvolous@gmail.com

Jim Harmon

Adjunct Professor

Email: jdharmon@gmail.com

Carl Hernandez

Adjunct Professor

Office: 512 JRCB
Phone: 801-422-4934
Email: hernandezc@law.byu.edu

Ben Horsley

Adjunct Professor

Email: ben.horsley@gmail.com

Bill Hulterstrom

Adjunct Professor

Office: 760 TNRB
Email: billh@unitedwayuc.org

Dean Lundell

Adjunct Professor

Email: pm604lundell@gmail.com

Jim Mortensen

Adjunct Professor

Email: jim_mortensen@yahoo.com

Ifo Pili

Adjunct Professor

Email: fmp@byu.net

Heather Rayburn

Adjunct Professor

Email: hfrayburn@gmail.com

Marianna Richardson

Adjunct Professor

Office: 646 TNRB
Email: mariannari@byu.edu

Craig Sorensen

Adjunct Professor

Email: craigsorensen@me.com

Ryan Starks

Adjunct Professor

Office: 590 TNRB
Phone: 435-654-3666
Email: ryangstarks@gmail.com

Jason Walker

Adjunct Professor

Email: jaywalk40@gmail.com

On Leave Faculty

Jeffery Thompson

Associate Professor

Office: 767 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-7064
Email: jeff_thompson@byu.edu

Administrative and Full-Time Staff

Heather Chewning

Program Manager

Office: 760 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-4222

Catherine Cooper

Associate Director

Office: 762 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-9173
Email: clc@byu.edu

Tanya Harmon

Director MPA Career Services

Office: 435 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-1827
Email: tanya_harmon@byu.edu

Administrative and Part-Time Staff

Heather Kirby

Coordinator Healthcare Industry Initiative

Office: 524 TNRB
Phone: 661-312-8507
Email: heather.kirby@byu.edu

Vicki Okerlund

Alumni Relations Administrator

Office: 763 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-1468
Email: vicki_o@byu.edu

Kip Smith

Branding and Marketing Manager

Office: 760 TNRB
Email: kip.smith@byu.edu