Criteria for Selection of NAC Members

  • High moral and ethical standards
  • Recognized leader in his or her field
  • Geographic and industry diversity
  • Willingness to accept NAC member responsibilities
  • Affinity for BYU and the Marriott School of Business

Nomination Process

  1. Individuals may be nominated by NAC members or BYU Marriott faculty and administrators. Nominees should not be made aware that they are being nominated. A New NAC Member Nomination form should be completed and emailed to by 8 December for membership consideration the following year.
  2. All NAC nominations are reviewed by the NAC Membership Committee, BYU Marriott dean, and NAC executive director.
  3. The NAC Membership Committee discusses nominations and recommends a final list to the NAC Executive Committee for a discussion and vote.
  4. Once approved by the Executive Committee, each nominee will be contacted by a member of either the Membership Committee, Executive Committee, or BYU Marriott for an informal, one-on-one discussion about membership. Through this discussion the nominee and NAC member will determine if the NAC is a good fit for the nominee.
  5. Once nominees are individually vetted by a member of the Executive Committee, Membership Committee, or BYU Marriott, a formal letter is sent from the BYU Marriott dean, NAC chair, and NAC executive director inviting the individual and their spouse (as applicable) to join the NAC.
  6. New members will be invited to participate in a new member orientation meeting.

How Current NAC Members Engage

  • Give – The minimum annual contribution for NAC members is $7,500. In addition to the annual contribution, there will be other opportunities to support specific funding initiatives such as the White Business Career Center and Whitmore Global Business Center.
  • Serve – Assist the BYU Marriott School of Business by helping attract top students, developing their professional skills, and placing them with employers. NAC members can help develop students through attending the NAC Fall Conference held in September, providing internships, speaking at student events, and in many other ways.

Terms of Service

  • Membership terms are five years. At the completion of a five-year term, NAC membership may be renewed based on the interests and ability of the individual or couple to fulfill NAC expectations. There is no limit on the number of terms an individual or couple may serve. Emeritus NAC membership is granted to NAC members who have completed several terms of service and made significant financial and other contributions to BYU Marriott. This is a prestigious designation that recognizes a long-standing commitment to the school and its students.

How Emeritus NAC Members Engage

  • Give – The suggested annual contribution for emeritus members is $1,000. These funds primarily support MBA scholarships.
  • Serve – Emeritus members of the NAC are invited, but not expected, to attend the annual NAC Fall Conference. They are welcome to participate on NAC trips and retreats as space is available. Emeritus members continue to receive the NAC news and other correspondence about school achievements and events.