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  • Focusing on Faith Monday Jun 18 2018

    A strong relationship with the Savior and a keen sense of humor have helped Kris Belcher through the hardest trials of her life.

  • Dating Goes Digital Friday Jun 15 2018

    As a new addition to the matchmaking scene BYU Marriott alum Cooper Boice helps LDS singles find their perfect match through the dating app called Mutual.

  • Influencing Generations of Business Leaders Thursday Jun 14 2018

    Strategy professor DK Kryscynski's use of videos before class is helping students dive right into the material when they step into the Tanner Building.

  • Committed to Excellence Thursday Jun 14 2018

    From double-majoring in human resources and French to leading a student team working with Fortune 500 companies to tackling the fast-paced environment at Amazon, Daniel Rellaford prioritizes to solve problems and reach success.

  • Thompson Named Interim Dean Tuesday Jun 12 2018

    Michael P. Thompson will serve as interim dean from 1 July 2018 to 31 December 2018. Steve Glover and Keith Vorkink will continue to serve as associate deans.

  • Success by Chocolate Monday Jun 11 2018

    Partnering with his mother, BYU Marriott alum Sterling Jones co-founded JoJo's Chocolate, a healthy treat company aiming to replace sugar cravings.

  • Robots: A New Method of Learning Thursday Jun 07 2018

    EI Robotics, a company started by BYU students, has created an interactive robot to help children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) learn foundational skills.

  • Jamaican Universities Take Home the Gold Tuesday Jun 05 2018

    Usain Bolt has nothing on the two teams of Jamaican student entrepreneurs who dominated the Rollins Center's International Business Model Competition.

  • The Core of Service Tuesday Jun 05 2018

    Jonathan DeGraff is quick to point out that his time in the Tanner Building not only gave him a great education but also left him with a strong desire to serve.

  • Adventures around the Globe Monday Jun 04 2018

    Surviving an earthquake and living overseas are just two experiences that have led senior Clorisa Griffiths to excel in the global supply chain program.

  • Breaking Professional Barriers Monday Jun 04 2018

    People from around the nation came together in Provo to learn more about creating authentic experiences at the 2018 Experience Design Quest.

  • An Acute Journey Monday Jun 04 2018

    Almost every employee has a commute—whether it’s a short drive through neighborhood streets or battling the 101 in Los Angeles. For Phil Harrop, it's a two-hour drive along the Snake River and into a different time zone.

  • Navigating the Waters Wednesday May 30 2018

    Combining their love of people and adventure, BYU Marriott therapeutic rec students are teaming up with Cotopaxi to design an adaptive Questival in NYC this fall.

  • Preparing to Make an Impact Wednesday May 30 2018

    Inspiration has led Megdalynn Fisher to fight cancer, join the MPA program, and make a difference in the world.

  • Paying Attention to Notifications Thursday May 24 2018

    Using brain data, eye-tracking data and field-study data, a group of BYU Marriott researchers have confirmed something about our interaction with security warnings on computers and phones: the more we see them, the more we tune them out.

  • TEDxBYU 2018 Videos Now Live Thursday May 24 2018

    Helping underserved kids go to college, medical labs on a microchip, and creating engaging work environments are only a few of the TEDxBYU 2018 presented ideas that teach and inspire. The Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance is excited to announce that videos of the 2018 event are now available.

  • New Dean Announced Wednesday May 23 2018

    Brigham Young University Academic Vice President Jim R. Rasband has announced that Brigitte C. Madrian has been named the ninth dean of the BYU Marriott School of Business.

  • BYU Marriott Takes First at Silver Lake Tuesday May 22 2018

    In the city where the Declaration of Independence was signed, BYU Marriott students made new history by winning the 2018 Silver Lake Competition.

  • Second-Time SEOY Tuesday May 22 2018

    In 2016, Sam Ballard took home the title of Student Entrepreneur of the Year for his dental lab. This year, the entrepreneurship senior was crowned champion for the second time.

  • Of Potential and Potential Energy Friday May 18 2018

    Networking with royalty is just another day on the job for Joe Onstott, whose work for an international nuclear fusion project has landed him and his family in southern France for the past nine years.