University Honors Organizational Leadership and Strategy Professors

Sep 09 2003

Gerry Sanders &  Kristen DeTienne
Gerry Sanders & Kristen DeTienne
 Kristen DeTienne
Kristen DeTienne

Brigham Young University honored two professors in the Marriott School’s Department of Organizational Leadership and Strategy at the 2003 University Conference. Wm. Gerard “Gerry” Sanders received a Young Scholar Award and Kristen B. DeTienne was named an Alcuin Fellow.

“Professor Sanders is visible nationally and internationally as one of the rising stars in his field,” says OLS Chair Michael Thompson. “He is among the most rigorous of our teachers and has begun to serve as a mentor to younger faculty—all of whom trust his advice on the design and delivery of excellent course material.”

Since coming to BYU in 1996, Sanders has published 10 articles in top journals such as Strategic Management Journal and the Academy of Management Journal. He received the Young Scholar Award that recognizes outstanding promise and contributions by faculty in the early stages of their academic careers.

The Young Scholar Award is a three-year appointment and carries a $3,000 annual salary stipend and a $5,000 annual support award.

The university awarded DeTienne an Alcuin Fellowship that recognizes teacher-scholars whose work at the university has made significant contributions to the general education and honors curriculum. Fellowship appointments are also for three years and include $2,500 annually for curriculum development, teaching and research support.

“I felt very honored,” DeTienne says. “I’m thankful to work at a great university and with such bright, motivated students.”

The Alcuin Fellowship is named for the eighth-century scholar Alcuin of York, master of all the liberal arts, who headed the Palace School of Charlemagne and brought about major education reform throughout the Frankish kingdom.

“DeTienne has won the respect of colleagues and students alike as someone of broad understanding who is deeply committed to the aims of a university education,” says Dean of Undergraduate Education George Tate. “This is especially welcome and noteworthy in a faculty member from one of the professional schools.”

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