Building Bridges

PROVO, Utah – Feb 12, 2018 – Many Brigham Young University students grow up dreaming about becoming a Cougar. BYU Marriott strategy senior Irene DeTrinidad isn’t one of them. 

“Growing up in Nicaragua, I hadn’t even heard of BYU,” DeTrinidad says. “But I knew that I wanted to study business.”

With the encouragement of her parents and three older brothers, DeTrinidad left Nicaragua after graduating high school to study in the United States. She began her higher education at Drury University in Springfield, Missouri. When learning of her ambition and her religious beliefs, her classmates encouraged her to apply to BYU.

“I switched to BYU because BYU Marriott is one of the top business schools in the country,” DeTrinidad says. “I wanted more of a challenge, and BYU has given me that.”

Upon transferring, DeTrinidad took each of the business prerequisite courses. She enjoyed each subject and had a hard time deciding which major to pursue, so she followed the advice of her parents: if you have no idea what to do, go with the option that keeps the most options open. DeTrinidad opted to pursue strategy because she believed it provided her with the broadest understanding of business.

“In strategy, you are the architect of your career path,” DeTrinidad says. “In other majors, I felt that I was more restricted, but in strategy, I can choose what I want to do.”

DeTrinidad also chose the strategy program because of its small size. In a program of about eighty students, she finds is easy to connect with her peers.

“I have loved the strategy program because I have been able to create lasting relationships,” DeTrinidad says. “I am able to go ask any of my classmates for advice because we have that level of trust.”

DeTrinidad will graduate later this year and hopes to land a job in external consulting. Her long-term goal is to return to Latin America and get involved in politics.

“Not many people in Nicaragua have the opportunities that I have had, and I feel like it’s my responsibility to help people and do something meaningful,” DeTrinidad says. “Politics is one way to do that.”

As a student, DeTrinidad strives to serve on campus. She is currently involved with the Strategy Society as vice president of alumni. She hopes to extend the strategy students’ networks to include the alumni of the program.

“I promised my class that as VP of alumni, I would try to build bridges with the previous classes,” DeTrinidad says. “I enjoy my position and the opportunity to talk to alumni and see where they end up.”

Involvement with the Strategy Society also provides DeTrinidad with the opportunity to interact with the professors. She enjoys seeing the efforts made to improve the program.

“I have absolutely loved all my strategy teachers,” DeTrinidad says. “They have affected me, not only in the secular way but also in the spiritual way. Because of BYU, I have a better perspective of what matters.”

Strategy senior Irene DeTrinidad
Strategy senior Irene DeTrinidad serves as VP of alumni for the Strategy Society.
Irene DeTrinidad and her family
DeTrinidad poses with her family in Nicaragua.
Irene DeTrinidad hikes with friends
DeTrinidad enjoys hiking in her free time.

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Writer: Maggie Kuta