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PROVO, Utah – Aug 07, 2019 – Mitchell Kimball flourished during his time at BYU Marriott, winning case competitions and landing sought-after internships, but attending class and studying hard weren’t the only things that earned him a starting role as an advanced research analyst at Qualtrics. This 2019 marketing alum spent his free time messaging, emailing, calling, and visiting anyone involved in careers that interested him, efforts which would prepare him to be a top candidate for his dream job. 

When Kimball first came to BYU, he didn’t know what that dream job was, but he knew he wanted to be challenged by his work and inspired by his peers. “I had a broad idea and ran with it. I was looking to be taken out of my comfort zone,” Kimball says.

In one of Kimball’s prerequisite classes prior to joining the marketing program, he learned about BYU Marriott’s Marketing Lab, a student-run consulting service for businesses across the nation. Kimball quickly realized that the lab had the challenging work and inspirational coworkers he was looking for, and he wanted to get involved. “I thought that gaining experience consulting with real companies would be valuable for my career,” he says. 

On LinkedIn, Kimball found the students working in the lab and reached out tirelessly, gaining insight to the work they were doing and what he needed to be a part of the team. Kimball would not only join the Marketing Lab but later be selected as the VP of insights and analytics. “I felt very lucky. The caliber of students in the lab is top notch,” he says.

Kimball didn’t stop there—he sought out BYU alumni on LinkedIn who worked for companies he was interested in. “I consistently messaged, called, and set up interviews,” he explains. Kimball’s tenacity and growing connections landed him competitive internships with both UnitedHealth Group and Google. 

The relationships Kimball built with BYU Marriott alumni also helped shape his job search. “Just by talking with different people, I was able to narrow down what I actually wanted to do,” he says. “So many alumni are willing to talk to students if they reach out." 

Ironically, amid Kimball’s networking efforts, Qualtrics reached out to him on LinkedIn prior to graduation in 2019, offering him a full-time role as an advanced research analyst. “After some of my internships, I knew I wanted to be somewhere where I wasn't just a cog in the machine,” Kimball reflects. “I felt like I could do impactful work at Qualtrics, which is one of the reasons why I accepted. I knew that the company was growing, and the role needed to be filled, making my work valuable.” Kimball enjoys his work at Qualtrics where he is responsible for the programing and analysis of various research projects. 

Kimball attributes part of his success to the education he received at BYU Marriott. In the marketing junior core, Kimball learned conjoint analysis, which he later gained experience using in two Sawtooth Software case competitions he participated in through the marketing program. “Because Qualtrics saw conjoint analysis on my LinkedIn page, they decided to send me an application,” he says. 

Though Kimball's current employer sought him out, that doesn’t undermine the role networking played in his academic and professional journey. According to Kimball, his previous internships, which he wouldn’t have gotten without networking, is what prepared him for his career. “Getting an offer during my full-time job search wasn’t just a lucky break—it was the result of hustling to find opportunities that interested me,” he says.

In addition to enjoying his new job, Kimball recently married his marketing classmate, Sabrina. “She was the smartest person I’d ever met, so I just kept on studying and taking classes with her in the marketing program,” Kimball says. “Those efforts turned into an academic marriage, which then turned into a real marriage." They currently reside in Provo.

Kimball’s advice to students is to focus more on what they want to do instead of who they work for. “So many students strive for positions at big companies, but I think the best place to start is somewhere growing with momentum because you are forced to grow quickly,” he says. “BYU Marriott does an incredible job bringing in top companies, but students should look beyond what’s just in front of them."

Making strides to share what he’s learned with those who may have similar aspirations, Kimball recently started a podcast, Your Stay at the Marriott, inspired by his BYU Marriott peers who have also used their resources to make their dreams a reality. “I want people to get to know the stories of those around them who are making it happen, so they can do the same,” he says. “Everyone deserves to land a job that will put them on a trajectory to lead an excellent life.” 

BYU marketing alum Mitchell Kimball
BYU marketing alum Mitchell Kimball. Photo courtesy of Mitchell Kimball.

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Writer: Erika Magaoay