Adams, Gregory

Director of Finance Research

Office: 635 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-6831
Email: gla6@byu.edu

Aiello, Darren

Assistant Professor

Office: 683 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-3568
Email: d.a@byu.edu

Argyle, Bronson

Assistant Professor of Finance

Office: 689 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-5159
Email: bsa@byu.edu
Home Page: bronsonargyle.com

Boyer, Brian

Associate Professor of Finance, H. Taylor Peery Fellow

Office: 673 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-7641
Email: bhb@byu.edu

Brau, Jim

Joel C. Peterson Professor of Finance

Office: 620 TNRB
Phone: 801-318-7919
Email: jbrau@byu.edu
Home Page: jimbrau.com

Diether, Karl

Professor of Finance, Goldman Sachs Fellow

Office: 614 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-1647
Email: karl_diether@byu.edu
Home Page: diether.org

Heaton, Hal

Denny L. & Jerri Brown Professor of Finance

Office: 612 TNRB
Phone: 801-368-9734
Email: halheaton@byu.edu

Holmes, Andrew

Associate Professor of Finance

Office: 640 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-3762

Iverson, Ben

Assistant Professor

Phone: 801-422-0354
Home Page: beniverson.org

Kotter, Jason

Assistant Professor

Office: 685 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-9180
Email: jasonkotter@byu.edu

Madrian, Brigitte

Marriott Distinguished Professor

Office: 730 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-4122
Email: dean_madrian@byu.edu

McQueen, Grant

William F. Edwards Professor of Finance

Merrill, Craig

Second Mile Professor of Finance

Office: 634 TNRB
Phone: (801) 422-4782
Email: craig_merrill@byu.edu

Mitton, Todd

Ned C. Hill Professor of Finance

Office: 632 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-1763
Email: todd.mitton@byu.edu

Nadauld, Taylor

Associate Professor of Finance, Goldman Sachs Distinguished Faculty Fellow

Phone: 801-422-6033
Email: taylor.nadauld@byu.edu
Home Page: taylornadauld.com/

Pratt, Ryan

Assistant Professor of Finance

Office: 684 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-1222
Email: ryan_pratt@byu.edu

Slade, Barrett

James M. Passey Professor of Finance

Office: 618 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-3504
Email: bslade@byu.edu
Home Page: barrettslade.homestead.com

Sudweeks, Bryan

Associate Teaching Professor of Finance

Office: 666 TNRB
Phone: (801) 422-1764
Email: bryan_sudweeks@byu.edu
Home Page: personalfinance.byu.edu

Thorley, Steven

H. Taylor Peery Professor of Finance

Office: 616 TNRB
Phone: (801) 422-6065
Email: steven.thorley@byu.edu

Vorkink, Keith

Douglas & Effie Driggs Professor of Finance

Office: 730C TNRB
Phone: (801) 422-1765
Email: keith_vorkink@byu.edu

Wright, Colby

Associate Professor of Finance

Office: 610A TNRB
Phone: 801-422-1224
Email: colby.wright@byu.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Jory, Justin

Adjunct Professor

Office: 5255 W 11000 N Ste 275
Phone: 801-787-8645
Email: justin.jory@gmail.com

Larson, Jenn

Adjunct Professor

Office: 669 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-1510

Administration and Staff

Carpenter, Troy

Finance Research and Computing

Office: 635 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-3166
Email: troy.carpenter@byu.edu

Densley, Amy

Assistant Program Director

Office: 610 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-8623
Email: amy@byu.edu

Reid, Shauna

Assistant Program Director

Office: 610 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-1217
Email: shauna_reid@byu.edu

Valentine, Jessi

Department Administrator

Office: 640 TNRB
Phone: 801-422-8376
Email: jvalentine@byu.edu