Schedule Interviews

Students Walking Outside

BYU’s recruiting policy is less date-restrictive than many other universities. Organizations can begin interviewing for full-time positions once school starts. MBA internship candidates may be interviewed only after 1 October, but other major or program internship interviews don't have this restriction. Offers may be extended at any time.


The Marriott School’s Steven & Georgia White Business Career Center offers a professional on-campus recruiting environment. The center has six large and twelve small interview rooms.

To schedule an interview date, please contact the Career Center directly. Our staff can help you choose a date that best matches the needs of both your organization and the students you would like to see. Just dial 801-422-5800 and we’ll schedule a date, time, and place for your interviews.


If you are unable to interview students on-campus, we can accommodate web conferencing or phone screens. Student resumes are available online through the eRecruiting system.

Interview Debriefs

We want to make each visit better than the last. We encourage you to schedule an interview debrief with the Business Career Center staff so we can learn more about your experience and how we can continue to improve our services. We are interested in our students preparation, your experience in recruiting, and any other feedback you may have for us.