Connect with faculty

In addition to connecting with students through company presentations, mixers, club activities, etc., there are many opportunities to interact with faculty, staff, administration, and career center professionals. The following services represent some of the most common ways we accommodate recruiters. However, we are happy to help you develop a customized program. Contact a staff member in our center to let us know how we can accommodate your recruiting plan.

Classroom Presentation

While evening on-campus presentations are reserved for organizations to provide students with information regarding their employers, daytime classroom instruction is restricted to industry specific training, case studies, etc. If you are interested in attending a class or would like to provide a case study for a class, please contact us.


During a scheduled luncheon with Marriott School faculty and administrators you can learn more about potential candidates and give the school feedback about the alignment of its curriculum with your organization's needs and expectations. Luncheon invitations should be extended in advance. Luncheons can be hosted at the business career center, somewhere else on-campus, or off-campus.