Connect with students

The key to a successful recruiting experience at BYU's Marriott School is in making a connection with students. Let the Career Center Staff help you create a plan to meet as many or as few students as you desire. There are multiple established options for inviting students to meet with you; you are encouraged to use these options, as well as your own creative ideas to connect with students.

The established opportunities for your organization to meet with students include hosting an on-campus presentation or information session, sponsoring a student mixer, hosting a field study, providing a site tour, or coordinating with various clubs for off-campus activities.

As you seek to build a healthy campus presence, keep in mind that there are many ways to connect with students. In the following below, we've highlighted popular events that recruiters have done in the past:

Information Session

Club Event

Off-Campus Event

Advertising events: If you’d like a recruiting event to be posted on the TV screens in the business building, please read the instructions found at: Please be aware that it takes a few days to post ads, and each ad can run for a maximum of two weeks.