The first step to defining and understanding research is to realize that research is primarily an individual pursuit of one’s academic passions! What concept or idea has sparked your curiosity to discover more?

A faculty-mentored project is an opportunity for you to identify your academic interests and pursue them with the help of a BYU Marriott faculty member. A Student Initiated Research (SIR) grant can not only help you to identify current research in your field and study it in depth but also allow you to explore new ideas and create your own research path. SIR grants provide $1,500 to the students initiating the project.

How do I go about initiating a project?

  • Evaluate what really interests you. What are you passionate about and how can you find out more? What topic gets your analytical juices flowing? Make a list and investigate what is being done in your area of interest. 
  • Find the right faculty mentor. Talk to professors about their research and seek those who share your academic interests.
  • Ask a specific faculty member if she or he willing to be the mentor for your research project.
  • Apply for a SIR grant.

How do I apply for a SIR grant?

Once you have selected a faculty mentor and defined your project, apply for a SIR grant here. The application deadline is 24 November 2018. Grant recipients will be notified at the beginning of Winter semester.

Review the FAQ page for more complete information.

What is the value of a mentored project?

Graduate and professional schools value students who have done research or projects in their field of study. Additionally, the experience gained through conducting a project gives you expertise in an area of current interest. This looks good on any application, whether it be for graduate school or employment.

To sum it up, undergraduates who work on mentored projects:

  • Work closely with a faculty mentor
  • Learn by doing
  • Increase confidence in scholarly abilities
  • Develop teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Build a portfolio of research experience and publications
  • Gain expertise and respect in their chosen fields of study
  • Create a network for academic and employment pursuits
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