Why apply?

SIR grants are funded by donations to the University in order to promote mentored learning across campus.

Some benefits of mentored learning include preparation for graduate school, internships, and professional opportunities, relationships with faculty, and professional publications; many past SIR recipients attribute their matriculation and success in prestigious graduate and professional schools to their mentoring experience at BYU.

How much money can I ask for?

All SIR grant recipients receive $1,500. Each student may only apply for one grant per year. An additional $250 goes to the faculty mentor in a research fund.

Do I have to be a BYU Marriott major to apply for a SIR grant?

Yes, you must have been officially accepted into one of the undergraduate programs of the BYU Marriott School of Business at the time of application.

Can MAcc or MISM students apply for a SIR grant?

Integrated first-year MAcc and MISM students (paying undergraduate tuition) may apply. However, it is expected that first-year integrated students complete their research project before paying graduate tuition (usually upon starting their 2nd year in the program).

Do I have to be a full-time student to apply for a SIR grant? How many credit hours do I have to have?

You must be a full-time student (enrolled in at least 12 credits) for the winter semester following the application deadline. If you are a graduating senior, you can be enrolled for fewer credits, as long as you have applied/approved for graduation.

Can I be on academic warning when I apply if I have good academic standing when I am awarded?

You will need to be in good academic standing by the start of the winter semester.

Am I required to have a mentor?

Yes, your SIR grant proposal cannot be processed without a mentor endorsement from a faculty mentor. You may be surprised at how eager professors can be to work on projects with you. However, faculty can only be listed on 2 SIR Grant applications so make sure to reach out to a faculty member in a timely manner. Talk to your professors or see the department office to determine which professors are interested in mentoring.

Who can be my faculty mentor?

The faculty mentor must be a full-time tenure track BYU Marriott School of Business professor, associate professor, or assistant professor. Adjunct faculty, Ph.D. candidates, graduate students, professors from different universities, BYU colleges, staff, and others are not eligible to serve as a faculty mentor.

How are recipients chosen?

Proposals are reviewed by faculty in the lead applicants department. Proposals are ranked within their department and are not compared to students in other departments.

How can I strengthen my proposal?

Write a strong proposal: Start your proposal early. Write and edit your proposal and, if possible, have your mentor and others review it. Don’t throw your proposal together the night before it is due.

What do I have to do if I get a grant?

If selected as a grant recipient, you will receive half of the grant up front. SIR grant recipients must then work with a faculty mentor and complete their proposed project by the end of the academic year and confirm the project completion with the faculty mentor to receive the remaining portion of the grant.

If I apply for a SIR grant when can I start my project? Can I start before the application deadline in October? Can I start before they announce those who have been awarded?

You may start the project before you submit your proposal, however, you cannot finish the project before you submit the proposal. We cannot award a project that has already been done. No retroactive awards.

If I apply for a SIR grant, when should my project be finished? Can I finish before the application deadline in October? What if my project takes longer than one year?

It is expected that projects will be done within the academic year. Extensions may be granted, however, that is only if an unanticipated, or uncontrollable circumstance arises (i.e. science fails, compliance approval does not come in time, etc.). If you know your project will take longer either pair down the project to what you can manage in a year, or give specific focus to what will be accomplished in a year. At the end of the project your faculty mentor will be asked to confirm the project’s completion.

How many co-applicants?

Only one person will need to complete the application but will include the co-applicant’s information. The person who fills out the application will be considered the ‘lead-applicant’ and will also be the person responsible for the final accounting to the faculty mentor. 

How much money do we each get if there are several co-researchers?

The $1,500 is split equally between all those that applied.

Researchers # of Researchers Amount each researcher receives
1 main researcher 1 $1,500
1 main researcher + 1 co 2 $725
1 main researcher + 2 co 3 $500

Can I get another grant for the same project?

You technically should never be paid twice for the same work – even if the money comes from different organizations. However, you may apply for another grant for the same project as long as it is new/different work being done for that project.

Are SIR grants retroactive?

SIR grants are not retroactive. Projects that have already been completed before the SIR grant proposal is submitted are not eligible.

I have already collected the data, but am still doing data analysis. Can I apply for a SIR grant?

Yes, as long as your project has not been completed.

I have completed data collection and analysis, but am still writing up the results. Can I apply for a SIR grant?

The project would be considered complete, and would not be eligible for the grant.

Can I use human subjects?

In order to use people in your research, you may have to get compliance approval from the Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects (IRB), a safety board designed to protect human subjects.

Visit https://ORCA.byu.edu/irb to learn more about using human subjects in your project.

Does a Stafford Loan disqualify an applicant?

No, a Stafford Loan will not disqualify an applicant. A SIR grant could, however, affect your Stafford Loan. Check with Student Financial Services to see how a SIR grant may affect you.

Can I apply for more than one SIR grant?

Each student may only apply for one SIR grant per year. A student may either apply as the main researcher or as a co-researcher on another project but cannot be listed as a main researcher and co-researcher at the same time or be listed as a co-researcher on multiple proposals. Duplicate instances of a student will be removed.