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Jason U. Thelin

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Member Status: Bronze
Member Since: 2007

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Website: http://www.solutionstream.com


Company: SolutionStream
Location: Utah, United States


  • Computer Consultant, Computer Software, Consulting, Programmer, Web Developer, Software Solutions, Property Holdings


Jason Thelin has been involved in numerous entrepreneurial activities since graduating from BYU. He is currently an owner and co-founder of SolutionStream, a technical solutions provider located in Utah. SolutionStream, a software consulting business, has built complex applications for hundreds of companies including Franklin Covey, Northrop Grumman, Nutraceutical, Altiris, LogoWorks, Symantec, Xango, Omniture, Valero Corporation, etc. Jason Thelin is also an owner and founder of East Mountain Holdings, a property holdings company. Jason Thelin's father, Jay Thelin, has retired from BYU after 27 years and instilled a passion in his son to support various BYU programs.

Business Profile:

Owner and Co-Founder of SolutionStream, a technical solutions provider located in Utah. He has expertise in software solutions and property holdings.

Family Profile:

Vanessa (wife), 4 children: Tanner, Abigail, Grace, Lilly