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Jason U. Thelin

Jason U. Thelin

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Member Status: Bronze
Member Since: 2007

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Website: http://www.solutionstream.com


Company: SolutionStream
Location: Utah, United States


  • Video Commerce, Consulting, Web Development, Software Solutions, Programming


Jason Thelin has been involved in numerous entrepreneurial activities since graduating from BYU. A year after graduation, Jason co-foundered SolutionStream, a technical solutions provider located in Utah. SolutionStream, a software consulting business, has built complex applications for hundreds of companies. Jason’s most recent adventure is as owner of Kartiva, a company that uses video to maximize product sales, often targeting influencers to maximize this SAAS software’s effectiveness. Jason is also an owner and founder of East Mountain Holdings, a property holdings company. Jason’s father, Jay Thelin, retired from BYU after 27 years and instilled a passion in his son to support BYU students and its programs.

Business Profile:

Owner and Co-Founder of SolutionStream, a technical solutions provider located in Utah. Owner of Kartiva, a video commerce platform that uses video to improve/maximize sales conversions.

Family Profile:

Vanessa (wife), 5 children: Tanner, Abigail, Grace, Lilly, Jackson