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Spencer Quinn

Membership Information:

Member Status: Founder
Member Since: 2018


Job Title: Co-Founder
Company: FiberFix USA LLC & Spark Innovation
Location: Utah, United States


  • International
  • Product Development
  • Websites/Product Packaging


Spencer Quinn studied Business Strategy and Biotechnology at BYU. The BMC helped Spencer gain necessary skills to help start FiberFix, a local startup which was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in October 2013 The company has grown to provide product to over 25,000+ retail location in the US. Spencer is passionate about consumer products, everything from packaging design, positioning, to the actual development of new products. Since starting FiberFix, Spencer has also co-founded a company called Spark Innovation, a company which specializes in bringing consumer products rapidly into retail and developing consumer products. Currently, he coordinates marketing efforts, manages international sales and mass retail accounts in 22 different countries, and provides web and ecommerce support. Spencer is an entrepreneur of integrity, valuing hard-work, respect, and honesty of the utmost importance.