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David Meine

David Meine

Membership Information:

Member Status: Silver
Member Since: 2009


Job Title: Investor


  • Currently David is focused on investment opportunities. He sits on advisory boards and provides mentoring to promising new entrepreneurs. Utah is such a hotbed for startups with promising solutions. It's a investors paradise.


David spent the majority of his 35 years of entrepreneurship building consumer retail brands. While attending BYU he and three partners built Sounds Easy® to 110 stores in 28 states.  His last startup company IdealShape® was an internet company that attained 60 million dollars in retail sales before being  purchased by an international corporation late in 2016. 

David and his wife, Carla, have been continuing Founders since 2008. They are currently advisory board members, investors, and mentors for multiple companies and entrepreneurs. They are parents to seven children and grandparents to 14 grandchildren.