Field Studies

Are you looking to gain experience in your new area of graduate level emphasis? Do you need to show relevant work experience on your resume? Do you need team-oriented project work experience for real world problems to prepare you for your new career? 

Consider a graduate-level field study program. Field studies are available for MBA, MPA, MISM, MAcc, and other graduate students.


The field studies program is the consulting arm of the BYU Marriott School of Business. Consulting projects are typically completed by a team of three to six graduate students under the direction of a faculty advisor with some expertise in the area to be addressed and a where appropriate an experienced business executive knowledgeable in the field. Field study teams can work on projects in almost any business discipline, including, marketing research, strategy, finance, supply chain, human resources and global business. Specialized projects targeted for accounting and information systems are also available.

Past Company Sponsors

Recent company sponsors include Intel, Dow Chemical, Dell Computers, Honeywell, Johnson and Johnson, Orange Soda, Boston Scientific, Red Mango, Eagle Mountain City, Calle, Asphalt Zipper, Portfolio advisers, startup companies, and many others.