On-Campus Internships


Jumpstart Your Career

How do I get a job without work experience? And how do I get work experience without a job?

We all know that internships are wonderful opportunities for students to learn more about their chosen professional fields by doing real-world work. An on-campus internship (OCI) is an opportunity for you to put into practice the things you are learning in the classroom. In addition, the students learn about actual work place environments and about a specific employer. Also, the employer gets to see the work ethic, talents, skills, and personality of a potential employee. This is truly a win-win situation.

But Interns Are Only For Summer…Right?

Internships are traditionally held in the summer when students are not in class. If the student is employed part time they may have to give up their employment to work for a full-time internship. And if the employer is not near the campus, you may have to relocate for the summer. If you are married, there are questions of relocating the spouse and the spouse’s job situation. While full time internships are the best ways for students to gain work experience, there are a number of issues that must be worked around. Besides, it is very difficult to compete for internships at the best companies without previous work or internships.

But What If I Could Be An Intern During The School Year…?

What if I could find an internship in my desired field of employment where I could share time during the week being an unpaid intern part time and attending classes the rest of the time. That has a number of advantages, because I could gain relevant work experience without leaving town or even quitting my part time paid employment. This could give me experience on my resume and provide me relevant work experiences to discuss in job interviews. . .

But How Am I Going To Find An Internship While I Am Stuck Here On Campus…?

What if the BYU Marriott School of Business found companies that would provide internships for student teams during the fall and winter semesters? What if they were internships where you could stay on campus during the semester and do your projects from Provo? We live in a global economy, facilitated by electronic means to bring people together all over the world. Companies have many employees that work in far spread offices and many times the employees work in remote virtual offices. Through the use of web based meeting tools, conference calls, and email/fax tools, employers are able to direct employees without being under the same roof with them.

But What If I Don’t Know What I Am Doing Yet—How Can I Be An Intern?

What if you were not alone? What if you worked with a group of five students who would each work nine hours per week on your projects? A team leader, who has previously been an intern, could manage and disperse the work project to the team members. The team would do the work and consolidate the results to report back to the company sponsor. In addition the company sponsor will be able to provide direction to the team, or they can have us provide an MBA mentor and advisor to support your intern team.