Administrator of the Year

This award is given annually to an outstanding man or woman who has achieved distinction after many years in management in the public or nonprofit sector. This individual has personal and professional qualities which are recognized and honored by peers and which we expect for our MPA graduates. We honor the administrator’s dedication to exemplary ethical and moral commitments as well as his or her years of untiring public service.

Year Recipient Title Speech
2019 Kathy Calvin President and CEO, United Nations Foundation Text
2018 Sheryl Scully City Manager of San Antonio, Texas Text
2017 David Williams President and CEO, Make-A-Wish Foundation Text
2016 Robert J. O’Neill International City/County Management Association Executive Director Text
2015 Gail J. McGovern President and CEO, American Red Cross Text
2014 Not Awarded    
2013 Robert F. Bennett Former Senator, State of Utah Video
2012 Sheila Bair Former Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Text
2011 John W. Keys, III Former Commissioner, United States Bureau of Reclamation (posthumous) Text
2010 Rulon Stacey President and CEO, Poudre Valley Health System  
2009 Bill Thomson Deputy Auditor General, State of Arizona Text
2008 Carolyn Grow Dailey President/CEO of ASCEND; A Humanitarian Alliance Text
2007 Thomas R. Hardy City Manager, Bountiful, Utah Text 
2006 David M. Walker U.S. Comptroller General Text
2005 Olene S. Walker Former Governor, State of Utah Text
2004 Charles Johnson CFO, Environmental Protection Agency Text
2003 Edward T. Alter Treasurer, State of Utah Text
2002 William H. Hansell Executive Director, ICMA Text
2001 Alexander B. Morrison Deputy Minister, Canadian National Health and Welfare Text
2000 Rebecca Buchanan Salti Founding Director, Save the Children in Jordan, 1984–94  
1999 Byron D. Jorgenson Chief Administrative Officer, Sandy, Utah  
1998 Carolyn B. Lewis President, CBL Group and Chair-Elect, American Hospital Association Text
1997 Edward D. Thatcher City Manager, Greenville, Texas  
1996 George W. Romney Governor, State of Michigan (posthumous) Text
1995 Lea Dunn City Manager, Bellaire, Texas Text
1994 Manuel F. Acosta Senior Foreign Service, U.S. Department of State  
1993 W. Rolfe Kerr Commissioner of Higher Education, State of Utah Text
1992 L. Ralph Mecham Director of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Text
1991 Donald E. Stokes Dean, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University  
1990 Grant Brimhall City Manager, Thousand Oaks, California  
1989 Roger Porter Advisor for Domestic Policy to the President of the USA  
1988 Paul Yost Commandant,  U.S. Coast Guard  
1987 Arlo Woolery Executive Director, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy  
1986 Albert Haines Chief Administrative Officer, Salt Lake City, Utah  
1985 Patricia Keyes Regional Director, U.S. Department of Transportation  
1984 W. Lynn Dredge City Manager, Tulare, California Text
1983 Scott Matheson Governor, State of Utah  
1982 Elmer B. Staats Retired Comptroller General, United States  
1981 Elliot Richardson Ambassador of the Sea at Large, Former U.S. Attorney General  
1980 James O. Mason Director of the Center for Disease Control  
1979 Robert Christopherson City Manager, Salina, California  
1978 Dwight Ink President of the American Society of Public Administration  
1977 Richard Larsen City Manager, Ogden, Utah  
1976 Robert Terry Assistant Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service  
1975 Mark Cannon Administrative Assistant to the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court  
1974 Gale Wilson City Manager, Fairfield, California  
1973 Neal A. Maxwell Commissioner of Church Education and Former Chairman of Utah’s Constitutional Revision Commission  
1972 Calvin Rampton Governor, State of Utah